Performance Management Solutions

Our Technology Solutions

Top Foresight provides cutting edge software systems to assist organizations maximize their performance beyond vision. Built on indepth knowledge about performance and supported by Microsoft technologies, our technology solutions are guaranteed to provide true value to organization performance.

Appraisal Form

There are 3 different versions to choose from, depending on the number of employee and the available budget. This allows even organization with small workforce and limited budget to use a highly automated Performance Management System.

Administration Module

This allows the administrator to have the control to globally set-up key performance parameters as required, and to dynamically update new information like objectives, measures and competency details. (*Not applicable for the Lite version)

Web-Based Enterprise Platform

The enterprise platform is intended for organization with more than 300 employees and the need to automate most of the administration functions and the requirements to integrate with existing or new HRMS.

Reward Distribution Systems

The Bonus & Increment Distribution System is highly analytical. It allows live and instant analysis of different bonus options by changing and combining different parameters like Rating Range, Bonus & Increment Factor and the allocated amount.

Support & Development Tools

This tool allows the development of different competency combinations by Level, by Function and by Level and Function combination. Its analytical and sorting capabilities allow the competency set by job positions to be developed consistently.